Sonys ebook reader – nærmer vi os et farvel til papirbogen?

Sonys ebook reader anmeldes i New York Times: Trying again to make books obsolete

“E-books may have flopped the first time around, but you can’t deny that they offer some intriguing advantages. You can add dozens of them to your luggage without adding any more weight or bulk. You can adjust the type size. You can search the whole book in seconds, or insert an infinite number of bookmarks. No trees are destroyed to make e-books. And you can read during lunch without having to prop open your novel with a dangerously full can of soda.
If you’re sold on the idea, then you’ll find a lot to like in the Sony Reader – and a few things to dislike.”

Selvom der nævnes plusser er konklusionen lidt blandet:

“Sony got the big stuff right: the feel of the machine, the pleasantness of reading, the clarity of type. It’s not the only company hoping to resurrect the dream of electronic books, either. A spinoff from Royal Philips Electronics, iRex Technologies, sells a “work in progress” called the iLiad, which uses the same E Ink technology but offers wireless networking, a bigger screen, 16 shades of gray and a touch screen for scribbling notes, for $700. And last month, bloggers discovered that is working on an e-book reader (and store) of its own. (Search Google for “Amazon Kindle.”)”

(samme sted)
Via Gizmodo som også har henvisning til en anden anmeldelse…

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